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To create your own Web Story document, just customize the header photo, and your text, add additional graphics or photos, and then just Share the result. I’ll show you how to do each of these things.

Adjust the picture:

You can adjust the horizon or rotation of the photo within its frame, as well as its size using this icon in the top right of the photo. If you have enlarged the image so some of it’s clipped, just drag on this hand icon to re-position within the frame If you hold the mouse pointer over the color a pop-up menus shows the name of the color and a option to change it. Select the Change option and you get a color picker where you can change this to any color of the spectrum. Bemerkung as you change this, the whole document is updated. If you want to create a completely new color, just click the + icon.

Share with friends, colleagues, the world

The point of a Web Story is to publish and share this with the world. This couldn’t be easier. Click the share icon, top right and select Share... You will get a URL link after a few seconds that is a read-only version. The is only visible to those you share the URL with - so it could be just your friends, of the whole world. Update when you’re ready: Your readers see a read-only version that is only updated when you select the Share option again and select Update. This means you can carry on working on edits and only re-publish when you want.

Photo animation

When you share the read-only version of this document, e.g. here, and you scroll down you’ll see that the photos fade-in as they are revealed. This is one of many scroll and reveal ani- mations that are possible in the desktop Xara Designer. You can’t (yet) control the animations in Online Designer, but if you want your photos to fade in this way, just re-use one of these pictures. To do this copy it, and paste (or paste into the text), then replace the picture with your own, and adjust the size and crop as required. This photo also has a pop-up effect when you click it (on the published version).

Ankieta zgłoszeniowa

At the top of the page are two buttons. The easiest way to add more buttons, is to simply copy otically takes on the Theme Color used in the document. You can edit the text on the button just by clicking on the text. Edit the link as required. Adding a link to text is as easy as selecting the text, and using the link icon on the right.

Text Styles

This template has preset test styles. These are selectable from the Text Style drop-down list on the right side Properties panel. There ‘Normal text’ which is this main text style, and then

Line Lengths

Fod of that recommendation. I would not have the column width any wider than this Wrocław Zapraszamy.
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